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Vino Contatto Wine Chiller - White

Vino Contatto Wine Chiller - White

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The Vino Contatto Thermic Wine Cooler is a unique wine cooler that has been created to keep the proper serving temperature for sparkling, red, white, and rosé wine as well as many other beverages, including mineral water and beer.


  • Thermal cooler that elegantly displays the bottle
  • Long lasting efficiency
  • Display preserves the integrity of the label
  • No dripping caused by the ice melting
  • Compact size for the table presence
  • Ideal for Prosecco, Champagne, and wines: white, rosé, or red
  • Built with safe, recyclable, and completely nontoxic materials
  • Ice pack takes up minimal room while freezing
  • Concept and design from Italy
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